International Sign is the oldest, longest licensed electrical sign contractor in the state of Florida. Located in the west central Florida city of Largo FL., International Sign designs, manufactures, installs, and services signs all over the west central Florida area. No job is to big or to small, at International Sign we work hard everyday to be your sign company of choice.

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Solar Powered Signs

Welcome to International Sign The premier provider of Solar Powered signs. We are happy to help you meet your Solar Powered signage needs.

A Solar powered sign adds "the green" to "going green". "The green" is the cost savings from energy-saving, which drops directly to your bottom line. "Going green" is the environmental statement you make which customers and clients see and increasingly appreciate.
A solar powered sign is very affordable

The green
A solar sign can pay for itself in nine years or less. The return on your investment can exceed 200%

Going green
The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the rapid adoption of solar devices will cut the country's so-called carbon footprint the equivalent taking more than 45 million cars off highways or planting more than 40 billion with a "B" trees.
Each solar powered sign can save more than 7,000 pounds of carbon emissions, which is equal to planting over 500 trees during the 25-year lifetime of each sign.

More green
Installation is significantly less expensive than electrical lighting. No expense of digging up concrete or asphalt to run power to where you want the sign. No expense of wiring from a main power source to the solar powered sign. Your cost is fixed, and amortized over the life of the sign. That means you've paid for energy at the start, while electric signs generate an electric bill each month, and electric rates over the next 25 years are destined to rise significantly as traditional power sources shrink. You can generate more business by placing this signage in places you can't wire a traditional sign.

How does a solar powered sign work?
Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are flat panels made up of solar cells. We incorporate advances in solar technology and create custom signs for any need.

What happens when there's no sun?
Hassle-free, large capacity batteries are part of the package. The batteries are recharged during the day by the solar panels. The power from the batteries is only used a night. Next generation batteries can give you up to two weeks of power without sunlight. Electronic timers allow you to set start and stop times, conserving battery power. You may decide there is no need to invite customers in, or advertise where your business is, when traffic is non-existent in the middle of the night.

What's an effective purpose for a solar powered sign?
You may see solar stop lights, street lights and stop signs in many cities. Local, state and federal governments have discovered the cost savings and fixed costs. Perhaps you'd like a stop sign or yield sign to control traffic on your property. Custom messages: What's your specialty? Want to reinforce your brand? What do you offer that your competitors don't? Develop a custom message and we customer a solar powered sign to achieve your results. Special event messages: running a special? Saluting an employee? Showing support for our troops or encouraging citizens to vote? Special event messages add prestige to any business.

Location identification: with the advent of the strip shopping center, and the need to drive retail and service customers to your door, simply identifying your business as "here", "next right", "open evenings" and other messages is essential, and effective with one of our custom-made signs.

Re-locate your message easily

It's self-contained, so it's simple to move your sign to another location. You can experiment with the most effective placement to drive traffic or increase "eyeballs" on your advertising.

Get the solar powered sign that's right for you Contact Us Today!
Beat your competitors to the punch! Be the first to discover the benefits of solar! We offer solar powered signs in St. Pete, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Ocala and Naples as well as nationwide and around the world.

We've got a huge variety of Solar Powered signs and are confident that we'll have what you need no matter what you're looking for! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are glad to help you make decisions, too, and spend the time to make sure that you know which product is best for you and your business. With over 35 years in the signs manufacturing business area International Sign is ready to help you.

A sign from International Sign, that really embodies the relationship between you and your customers is something of enormous value that can transform one time, wander in business into loyal, repeat customers that help to promote your products or services through word of mouth. Solar Powered signs, and signs manufacturing services can help to create the initial interest that you need to put your customers face to face with your friendly staff and quality products. Don't let your potential buyers slip through your fingers over something as simple as lacking the right Solar Powered sign to grab their attention. International Sign is ready to help you create the Solar Powered sign that is uniquely you.

Our Solar Powered sign from International Sign was the best investment I've made in my business. The influx of new customers I can relate directly to our Solar Powered signs from International Sign is enormous. Best decision I've made this year! - Customer of International Sign.

Custom Solar Powered signage you can depend on.
International Sign has detail oriented processes to ensure the perfect sign.
International Sign is devoted to effective marketing.
International Sign has fantastic customer service
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